Wishbone Club offers a platform for health-conscious businesses to engage with precisely matched customers – right when they are considering your services and products.

Connect with the right audience

Our users are consumers of the nation’s top brands and are taking steps (quite literally) to improve their lifestyles.
They’re actively engaged, they’re having fun & learning, and they’re looking for that right product or service … right now.
Will your offer be the next one they see?

Close the sale

Wishbone Club delivers more than awareness.
Our users don’t simply see your offer, they are rewarded with in-app coins for clicking the link and purchasing.
Your offers are part of our model and part of our users’ active lives.

Enhance your brand

Our health-conscious users will think of your business in an even more positive manner – as will the brands that stand behind our app.
Your business will also be part of an exclusive community of health-conscious brands that our users trust to improve their daily choices and to power their healthy lifestyles.

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